Professional Development Programs

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Empower Success Corps - ESC Institute

ESC can design and develop workshops on a variety of topics to meet your needs. Program participants learn from experts who share the most relevant up-to-date knowledge and skills. Each highly interactive program combines best practices and real-world experiences. 

ESC has conducted professional development programs for grantees of BNY Mellon, Bristol County Savings, Bank, Citizens Bank, Liberty Mutual Foundation among others. Topics range from Cybersecurity for Nonprofits to Adjunct Boards and Other Ways to Leverage Communities of Support.

A sampling of other topics in our toolkit:

  • Management and Professional Development (Managing teams, Delegation and Accountability, Accessing and Leading Organizational Culture, Overcoming Your Fear of Presenting, Facilitation )
  • Strategic Management and Planning (Strategic Partnerships, Business Planning, Action Plans to Turn Vision Into Reality, Contingency Planning)
  • Outcomes Measurement (How to Effectively Use Outcomes, Measuring Your Impact, Using Client Stories and Vignettes, Beyond Charts and Graphs)
  • Marketing and Communications (The Right Message for the Right People, Communicating Change, Risks and Rewards of Social Media, Evaluating the Efficiency of Your Marketing Program)
  • Organization Development and Human Resource Management (Behavior Based Interviewing, Strategies to Reduce and Prevent Employee Burnout, Preparing for Leadership Transition, Changes to Employment Law)
  • Fundraising (custom tailored to needs of the organization)
  • Governance (Improve Your Board, Minimizing Board Discord and Maximizing Productivity)

Get started here or call ESC at 617-357-5550 to find out how the ESC Institute can help you.

Learn about our Nonprofit Executive RoundTable and the new cohort beginning in September 2018.

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