Build capacity with an ESC Encore Fellow

Talent for interim and transitional roles
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Empower Success Corps - ESC Fellowships

ESC Encore Fellowships provides transitional management support from experienced professionals to move critical initiatives forward. ESC Encore Fellows help build capacity through high-impact roles in areas such as management, operations, marketing, fundraising, human resources, finance, business development and program development. Through a rigorous and selective matching process, ESC ensures the right skill set to match your needs.

Fellowships are time-limited assignments, usually full-time for six months or part-time for a year, although some organizations choose to retain their fellows for ongoing work. ESC fellows receive a stipend paid for by the nonprofit or funded by a sponsor, or a combination.

ESC Encore Fellows work as members of your staff, enabling them to make a bigger impact than they would on a shorter assignment. ESC carefully screens candidates for ESC Encore Fellowships to make sure they are committed, flexible, and well suited to the project.

Call ESC at 617-357-5550 to find out how an ESC Encore Fellow can help your organization.