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The Encore Fellowship Program is a terrific opportunity to work closely with a mission-driven organization while tapping decades of experience I was fortunate to gain in my career with other nonprofits and for profits.

Jonathan Reuman
ESC Encore Fellow
Horizons for Homeless Children

Find Work With a Purpose

Transitioning mid or late career into paid work that’s more personally meaningful and benefits society is a bold and exciting step. But after decades of success in your primary career, the path may not be so clear.

Launch Your “Second Act” With an ESC Fellowship

The national Encore Fellowship Program launched in 2009 to give nonprofits a powerful source of affordable, high-impact talent; and help experienced professionals find meaningful work including careers in nonprofits.  Across the country, a rising tide of career changers are pursuing Encore Fellowships as a springboard to their “second act” while gaining additional experience with the nonprofit sector.

The ESC Fellowships collaborates with Encore Fellowships to match talent with the needs of  nonprofit organizations in New England. Through our partnerships with thousands of nonprofit organizations, we can find you an ESC Fellowship that fits your interests; and where your experience adds value.

How an ESC Fellowship Works

An ESC Fellowship helps you find rewarding work in the nonprofit sector and assists you to make a transition to an encore stage of work. The typical ESC Fellow commits 1,000 hours of service to a single nonprofit in either a full-time assignment for 6 months, or part-time assignment for 12 months and receives a stipend of $20,000. Shorter term assignments are also sometimes available as ESC Fellowships works with nonprofits to meet their needs to fill transitional or interim professional roles.

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