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As a donor to ESC you empower nonprofits across New England to deliver more effective services to their constituents and enhance the quality of life in their local communities.

ESC is a good investment—for you and for communities across the region. Every $1 dollar donated to ESC leverages $4 dollars through ESC management consulting, coaching, and professional development for sister nonprofits. In our unique model, all ESC consultants, coaches and trainers volunteer their time and expertise, and, because they witness the impact of their work, many of them make monetary donations as well. Donations to ESC underpin the support system to recruit new volunteers, create and deliver professional development programs, compose the right consultant teams to match client requirements, and provide quality oversight of each engagement.

In the past two years, donors to ESC made the following initiatives possible:

  • Provided management consulting assistance to more than 100 nonprofits from across the nonprofit and public sectors including health and human services, literacy and ESL, job training, housing, food security, the environment, arts & culture, and education;
  • Placed capacity-building Encore Fellows at 30 nonprofits;
  • Launched the Nonprofit Executive RoundTable, a facilitated peer-coaching program where small cohorts of chief executives problem–solve in real-time;
  • Presented workshops and webinars to hundreds of nonprofit leaders to help them prepare to meet the challenges of decreasing resources and increasing demand for services on topics as diverse as cause marketing, action plans, conflict resolution, fundraising, and cybersecurity;
  • Introduced the benefits of purposeful engagement in the community through ESC Discovery workshops and e-books at businesses and community-based programs.

A contribution to ESC has a ripple effect in the community.  Your gift empowers our dedicated corps of volunteers to further intensify their efforts to provide consulting services to more organizations helping people in crisis, improving educational opportunities, protecting the environment, promoting the arts, preserving our history and many other important missions that benefit society.

Please help us continue to strengthen the fabric of our communities by providing the expertise to help nonprofits succeed.


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