Meet our consultants

ESC consultants are seasoned professionals with a diverse range of backgrounds in executive management, marketing, human resources, healthcare delivery, human services, education, the environment, the arts and other fields; they have in common the motivation to give back and to help nonprofit leaders achieve their goals.

ESC consultants are versed in nonprofit management and bring best practices to every engagement. They add value by contributing their strategic guidance and hands-on management skills to your cause. Our ongoing professional education programs allow them to continuously build on their extensive career knowledge and skills to enhance their impact on the performance of your organization.

Read about out highlighted consultants, with details on their backgrounds and projects for ESC clients.

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Highlighted Consultants

  • Marjorie Bauer
    Consulting on strategic planning, marketing, market research, branding, positioning and messaging
  • Bruce Berzin
    Consulting on management and finance
  • Ashok Boghani
    Consulting on strategic planning & scenario development
  • Louise Borke
    Consulting on governance, strategic planning and other critical management issues
  • Irving Burday
    Consulting on information technology strategy, operational planning, portfolio and program management
  • Sue Burk
    Consulting and presenting on outcomes measurement and program evaluation
  • John Woodard
    Consulting on mediation, governance, and strategic planning