Mike Stauff

Business Planning; Financial Policies And Procedures; Nonprofit Governance; Strategic Planning; and Strategic Alliance

Michael Stauff has been a valued ESC Consultant for the past 22 years. His consulting expertise and contributions have focused on business planning, strategic planning, financial policies and procedures, and nonprofit governance projects. 

Before ESC, Stauff had a traditional career path in accounting, including cost accounting, system control and specialization in strategic planning and implementation. Using similar management concepts, Stauff ensures nonprofits have completed the strategic plans before the start of a fiscal year and consistently monitors the organizations’ progress. He also has expertise in strategic alliances. He assisted in forming the Strategic Partnership Committee within the Board of Directors of a nonprofit client and developed a plan for engaging potential partners, which includes identifying strengths, weaknesses, needs, and assets of the nonprofit, generating criteria for evaluating prospective partners and analyzing the suitability of applicants. 

Stauff has also contributed to two start-up organizations, IMH Holdings, Inc, and Transwitch Corporation. IMH Holdings, Inc., a global manufacturing operations company in the marine industry, where Stauff was the Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and a member of the Board. During his time there, the company grew from $1 million in sales to approximately $250 million. At Transwitch Corporation, he was the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, a public high tech corporation that had market capitals of about $3 billion and was listed on the NASDAQ. 

At ESC, Stauff has provided consulting services to over 50 nonprofit organizations in the areas of health care, legal services, education, and women advocacy. Clients have included Julie’s Family Learning Program, Codman Square Health Center, Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston, Maverick Landing Community Services, and the National Organization for Rare Disorders, among others. During his time at Julie’s Family Learning program, he served on the Board. Stauff and his team collaborated with the founders to manage the organization’s efficiency and identified individual donors who made generous grants. He also provided one-to-one coaching to the executive director of JFLP on budgeting plans, cash flow management, and human resources. 

Stauff attended Northeastern University where he earned a B.S.B.A. as an Accounting major and an M.B.A. After many years with ESC, Michael Stauff explains, “What we are doing for our clients is like crisis management. We need to recognize the issues and turn the organizations around. I find it very rewarding that at the time we leave, the organizations have become healthier and can continue providing services to the public.”

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