Michael McWilliams

Executive Director

Michael McWilliams is a public affairs executive focused on building nonprofit capacity in communication, fundraising and engagement. He is an exceptional leader, entrepreneur, business development strategist and coach with more than 25 years of diverse business experience. In 2017, Michael stepped into a year-long assignment as Executive Director at The Global Institute for the Arts and Leadership (TGIAL-www.artschangeleaders.org). TGIAL’s mission is to help build a more peaceful, sustainable and beautiful world by empowering individuals, organizations and communities to use the arts for social impact.

Michael’s goal is to “help equip a nonprofit to realize its theory of change effectively while implementing a viable and effective logic model throughout its various program areas.” With this in mind, he is aptly suited for the Executive Director role at The Global Institute for the Arts and Leadership.

Michael most recently consulted in nonprofit development and communication while serving on several boards. He had earlier repatriated to the United States from Sweden after finishing work with the Stockholm International Water Institute, a United Nations affiliated non-governmental organization focused on the geopolitical, socioeconomic, and environmental aspects of the planetary water crisis.

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