Jaidev Dasgupta

Scientific research and analysis, technology development, and leadership

Jaidev Dasgupta has 35 years of experience in scientific research and analysis, technology development, consulting, and leadership. Prior to joining ESC, Jaidev was Chief Scientific Officer at Teranode, Inc., where he was a subject matter expert for product development for pharmacovigilance leveraging information in social and traditional media. His key functions were thought leadership, long-term product planning, R&D, product quality, and client engagement.

Since joining ESC, Jaidev has provided consulting services to nonprofit organizations including Boston Renaissance Charter Public School, Julie’s Family Learning Program, Science Club for Girls, Melrose Education Stations, and Physician Health Services at Massachusetts Medical Society. His consulting projects have focused on strategic planning, operations, process re-engineering, quality and compliance implementation, and project management

Jaidev has a PhD in Theoretical Biology from Panjab University, Chandigarh, India, and a Master’s degree in Physics from Jiwaji University, India.

“Most of the nonprofits ESC helps struggle with multiple issues such as sustainability, resource and financial constraints, governance, leadership, communications, operations, technology, and finally, and perhaps most importantly, strategic vision and planning. What gives me the most gratification is working with clients to develop a strategic plan and help them create a roadmap for implementing the plan, without which they are lost in daily tactical decisions and actions,” says Jaidev of his work with ESC clients.

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