Edward Haddad

Strategic planning, financial planning, budgeting and financial forecasting, operational planning

Ed has over 35 years of experience in major corporations. His expertise includes strategic planning, financial planning and budgeting, brand protection, legal administration, operations and international sales and marketing. He is adept at analysis that identifies insights into an organization’s needs, wants and expectations. He is skilled at developing solutions and strategies that will achieve results.

At ESC, Ed has provided consulting services to nonprofit organizations including Ethos’ Boston Money Management Program, where he managed third party payments for low income and handicapped individuals to allow them to remain independent in their homes; TIC – Talking Information Center, a radio station that broadcast to blind individuals; and Ocean State Libraries, which provided back room services to all of Rhode Island’s public libraries.

Ed was the Vice-President of Intellectual Property for New Balance Athletic Shoe. In this role, he directed trademark and patent activities, global brand protection and counterfeits activities, and licensing and contract administration. He was also responsible for  coordinating with law firms both in the U.S. and around the world.

Ed has an MBA in Management from the University of New Haven, and a BS in Accounting from Bentley University.

“I get great satisfaction knowing that I am helping nonprofits find solutions to their problems so that they can better deliver their services for the benefit of the many who need them,” says Ed. “The passion and drive I experience in the employees and volunteers of nonprofits inspire me. My association with ESC gives me the opportunity to experience this first hand.”

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