Bill Gould

Consulting on strategic planning, finance, and executive management

Bill Gould has 30 years of executive experience in information technology and education assessments to support local nonprofits in New Hampshire. His expertise includes strategic planning, finance, and executive management. He is adept at guiding teams, organizing, and meeting deadlines. Bill is also skilled at analyzing and presenting his findings to the nonprofit, setting a clear purpose and goal.

At ESC, Bill has provided consulting services to nonprofit organizations including McAuliffe Shepherd Discovery Center, Squam Lakes Nature Center, Grafton County Senior Citizens Council, many NH Land Trusts, among others.

As well as a consultant at ESC, Bill currently supervises the federally sponsored National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) for the State of New Hampshire.  Formerly, he was the Principal, President and CEO of Vikor LLC, a software sales and services company. Bill is the former Executive Vice President of the Mehta Corporation, the COO of Sequoia Systems, Inc. and has held executive positions in R&D at Honeywell and Apollo Computer. Bill has also served as a high school math teacher in Hopkinton, MA.

Bill is a graduate of Dartmouth College and has an MBA from Northeastern University.

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