Consulting Projects & Fellowships, Oct. 2018 to Jan. 2019

With projects and fellowships ranging from a youth organization conducting a market opportunity analysis to a nonprofit launching a feasibility study to develop a new line of business, we continue to bring together seasoned professionals and nonprofits experiencing challenges and opportunities.

ESC Consulting

Business Planning
Campus Compact
Will Hughsted (Lead) and Regina Caines

Framingham Public Schools
Ron Ryan (Lead) and Tom Parish

Global Awareness Local Action (G.A.L.A.)
Lynn Post (Lead), Paul Arruda, Erika Hoffman-Kiessavnd Anthony Sciarra

Executive Coaching
Mistletoe Foundation
Charlie Arsenault, Jaidev Dasgupta, Howard Glassman and Don Harbert

Worcester Art Museum
Greg Kenney

First Congregational Church in Winchester
Marion Estienne

Marblehead Festival of Arts
Louise Borke and Donna McGrath

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers
Betsy Kamborian (Lead)

Massachusetts Association of Teachers of Speakers of Other Languages
John Blakeney (Lead)

Windham County Sheriff’s Office
Jeff Lewis (Lead), Erika Hoffman-Kiess, Lorraine Hynes and Terry Maugeri

Worcester Art Museum
Bonnie Clendenning

Maverick Landing Community Services
Mike Stauff (Lead) and Ron Ryan

Mass Union of Public Housing Tenants 
John Woodard (Lead) and Ed Collins

Human Resources
Access Framingham TV
Jenny Goudreau

Somali Bantu Community Association
Sheila Kabat (Lead) and Kristy Hiller

Camp Fire North Shore, Inc
Mike Zerigian (Lead), Pat Kreger and Pam Musk

Seacoast Science Center
Claire Larrabee (Lead), Peter Baker and Fran Polanec

Strategic Planning
Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers
Martha Sloan Felch and Susan Getman

Portsmouth Housing Authority
Steve Smith (Lead) and Bob Mazzone

Empower Her Inc.
Bob Seiler (Lead), Marianne Mortara and Ellen Offner

Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association, Inc.
Marjorie Bauer, Janice Dolnick and Gabriele Loebbert

Roger Williams Park Conservancy
Lorraine Hynes (Co-Lead), Gene Mihaly (Co-Lead) and Mary Tafuri Ross

First of Parish Norwell
David Ames, Craig Anderson, Sandy Batchelder and Peg Holda

Southwest Boston CDC
Neil Golden and Will Hughsted

Greater Four Corners Action Coalition
John Woodard

ESC Fellowships

Centering Healthcare Institute
Ramesh Advani, Accounting Associate Fellow

Empower Success Corps (ESC Discovery)
Willia Cooper, Transition Navigator Coordinator

Julie’s Family Learning Program
Dorothy Fitzmaurice, Grants Manager

Julie’s Family Learning Program
Susan Stendahl, Development Associate