Consulting Projects & Fellowships, May 2018 to Sept. 2018

With projects and fellowships ranging from young organizations hiring their first paid leadership, to large, longtime clients who bring innovation to the sector, we continue to bring together seasoned professionals and nonprofits experiencing challenges and opportunities.

ESC Consulting

Family and Children Services of Greater Lynn
Charlie Conn

Business Planning
Mindfulness Program
Jim Lomastro (Lead), Jerry Johnson and John Keller

Executive Coaching
Physician Health Services, Inc.
Jude Kidd

The Lawrence and Lillian Solomon Foundation
Ellen Heller (Lead)

Andy Goldberg

Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire
Anne Halvorsen and Kristy Hiller

Human Resources
Access Framingham TV
Jenny Goudreau

Maine Association of Nonprofits
Michael Daily

Carol Parker (Co-Lead), Marjorie Bauer (Co-Lead), Hayley Skulborstad, Steve Hurley

National Bureau of Economic Research
Marjorie Bauer, Janice Dolnick and Gabriele Loebbert

Norcross Wildlife Foundation
Bill Huss (Lead), Sue Burk, Charlie Arsenault and Pam Musk

Patton Homestead & Archive
Jane Mann, Carol Parker and Michael Thompson

Tutoring Plus of Cambridge
Gabe d’Annunzio (Lead)

Rockingham Nutrition and Meals on Wheels
Claire Larrabee (Lead) and Maggie Ford

Strategic Planning
Living Independently Forever, Inc. (LIFE)
Betsy Kamborian

Congregation Beth Israel of the Merrimack Valley
Craig Anderson (Lead), Jay Carty and Amy Katz

Midas Collaborative
Sandy Batchelder and Amy Katz

Family Continuity
Louise Borke (Co-Lead), Donna McGrath (Co-Lead) and Cassandra Clay

Open Table
Ed Haddad, Christine Abrams and Carol Johnson

Triangle, Inc.
David Ebenezer (Lead) and Tom Parish

Bridgton Historical Society
Maggie Ford (Lead), Anne Halvorsen, Beth Ross, Pam Swain

White Horse Addiction Center, Inc.
Paul Arruda (Co-Lead) and Michael Daily (Co-Lead)

Strategic Alliance
Monadnock Buy Local
Jeff Smith (Co-Lead), Terry Maugeri (Co-Lead) and Cam Moore

Granada House
Mark Streifer and Ellen Carpenter

First Literacy
Bonnie Clendenning

ESC Fellowships

Empower Success Corps
Mary Tafuri Ross, Outreach Manager

Family & Children’s Service of Greater Lynn, Inc.
Jaidev Dasgupta, Database Consultant

Household Goods, Inc.
Leon Rozek, Facilities Manager

Charlene, Allen Talent Management Fellow

Mass Audubon
Helen Lozoraitis, Programming and Data Management Assistant (Tidmarsh/Allens Pond Sanctuaries)

Pregnancy Care Center
Tamara Davis, Data Processing and Reporting Fellow