ESC Discovery Ebooks

Finding good answers to the “What’s Next” question is important for everyone. ESC Discovery offers relevant resources – seminars, workshops and content – for people midlife and beyond to explore their options about how to spend their encore stage of life. Now our guides extend the reach of our ideas everywhere through their availability as eBooks!


About the eBooks

The Thinking Beyond the Money Planning Guide offers a framework that identifies and connects non-financial considerations and decisions with the financial planning process. You cannot predict the future. But with a little effort and time well spent with the Guide, you can feel confident that you are prepared for a future of possibilities.

58 pages of text, worksheets, check lists and resources. $15.00.

The Discover Your Encore Personal Guide defines the “new retirement” as the encore stage of life and presents healthy aging through purpose, engagement and impact. This handbook provides practical advice for creating your Encore Target, crafting your Encore Story and, ultimately, finding your Encore Match.

42 pages of text, worksheets, check lists and resources. $15.00.