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Many Goal-Oriented People are Asking the Question: “What’s Next?”

Finding a good answer to the “What’s next?” question is important. The answer may be in trying something new, returning to earlier passions or pursuing other interests. Whatever the motivation and whatever the stage of life one is in, it’s clear that people today have different ideas and new options about how to shape their futures.

ESC Discovery – Our Mission

ESC Discovery offers ideas, resources and the support of a community of peers for people seeking a stronger sense of purpose in their work, deeper community engagement and more balance in their lives.

Empower Success Corps was founded on the principle that it would be useful to our communities to recruit, organize and make available a pool of motivated, experienced and dedicated talent to provide high quality, affordable consulting services to nonprofits. Consequently, the programs and resources of ESC Discovery are designed to inspire, inform and support pathways for people who want to explore engagement in the nonprofit sector in pro bono or paid work that makes a difference in their communities or the world, as well as to realize other life goals.

ESC Discovery – For Organizations and Your Constituencies

Through intermediaries such as corporations, associations and other organizations, our purpose is to reach individuals in a fast-growing demographic of adults who are asking “What’s next for me?” Our programs are recognized nationally as models for how to prepare for the inevitable transitions people experience from one life stage to another and how to find meaningful “encore” opportunities.

Our business model, which includes grants and sponsorships by funders as program hosts with ESC Discovery as content provider, assures a broad audience while maximizing the benefit to our sponsors. For our partners, we help build loyalty with clients, customers and members through seminars and workshops, peer connections and a wide range of resources. Our programs are also used to open doors to new prospects, address the needs of employees, reinforce brand positioning and extend community awareness.

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Contact the ESC Discovery Director, David Guydan, at dguydan@empowersuccesscorps.org or at 617-357-5550.

To learn more, contact:

David Guydan
ESC Discovery Director