The 21st Century Appeal

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Donations from online fundraising and crowdfunding campaigns are growing at over 13.5% per year, and more than 6% of all charitable giving is done through these platforms.* Here are some tips on how to take advantage of these resources.

  • Use the platform to build a community

Tell your story in a personal way. Connect with people, show vulnerability, and tell people exactly why you need their help and where their money will be going. Ease people’s concerns about the legitimacy of the campaign, videos may increase trust and give a more personal story

  • Start with close connections

Start small with family and friends. Take advantage of your network and of their networks, and grow your campaign from the ground up.

  • Make it mobile compatible

Maximize usability of your mobile site to take advantage of on-the-go donations. A responsive design has the potential to double donations on mobile devices.

  • Make it personal

Email is the primary source of online donations. People view email as more personal than social media, and it comes across as more genuine. Send personalized emails that include a call to action.

  • Make it easy

Put the donate button on every page of your website, your blog, and social media. Make the button stand out, link it directly to the form, and keep the process simple. Allow supporters to store their information to make a second donation even easier, and provide them an option to make monthly donations.

  • Take it offline

Don’t forget the rest of your development plan, host social gatherings and events to spread the word about your campaign. Then, keep the buzz going – crowdfunding should be a part of your overall development strategy.


*Blackbaud Charitable Giving Report 2013