Getting Your Target Audience to Follow You

You have invested a lot of time into developing a social media strategy that fits within your organization’s larger marketing & communications plan – now all you need is for your target audience to take notice. The common question at this stage is “how?”

At ESC’s recent Social Media Forum, Stacy Thompson of LivableStreets Alliance gave a great answer:

“If you want to target the teen demographic and have them follow and engage with your social media accounts, don’t follow the teens. Get Taylor Swift to follow you. Then the teens will come calling.”

This works with any demographic. Research the prominent thought leaders for the group you want to target and get them to follow you. Start by following them, posting about them, or engaging with their content in a positive way such as commenting and sharing.

Once a thought leader or icon has acknowledged you, essentially giving your organization credibility among their followers, you should see an increase in activity as more people see and engage with your message.

As with all things social media, it all comes back to having a thoughtful marketing & communications plan tailored to your specific nonprofit.  Each year ESC works with over 100 nonprofits to improve reach, fundraising, effectiveness and advocacy through consulting engagements and workshops led by senior level professionals dedicated to making a difference.

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