Setting Targets in Outcomes Measurement


Is outcomes measurement a struggle for your nonprofit organization? In ESC Consultant Barry Seltser’s workshop, “What Difference are You Making?: Developing and Measuring Outcomes,” attendees can improve on their knowledge of this important topic.

In this workshop, attendees learn that a key step in outcomes measurement for nonprofit organizations is setting targets. By focusing on the given timeline and allotted resources, goals that are attainable versus unreasonable can be easily identified.

Targets are important to outcomes measurement because they can be used to show assessors how the efforts being scrutinized are succeeding or failing.

Barry teaches that both indications of improvements and gaps in progress can be used to create positive outcomes for nonprofits. If goals are being met, nonprofit management professionals are encouraged to push previously set standards forward; if their organization falls short of its ideals, they can look closer to find out why and make adjustments to best meet project needs if necessary.

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