Remembering Bernard Redmont

Last month, the world lost acclaimed foreign correspondent and ESC Consultant Bernard “Bern” Redmont. Bern worked on many projects over his decade-long tenure as an ESC Consultant, with highlights including the Spellman Museum of Stamps & Postal History, Community Catalyst, Frederick Douglass Charter School, International Institute for Mediation and Historical Conciliation, Mansfield Music & Arts Society, and Tides Family Services.

A lovingly crafted Wikipedia entry describes Bern’s work with ESC as the same dedicated service our current consultants take part in, “offering volunteer consulting in public relations and strategic planning services to nonprofit organizations.”

ESC Consultant John Cook remembers him:

“I got to know Bern at various ESC meetings and lunches, and worked with him about 15 years ago on a strategic planning project with a local organization. He was wonderful to work with. Together we figured out that this organization could not be in strategic planning mode, they were in survival mode, not being sure if they could meet the next month’s payroll and often paying their Executive Director with IOUs. But they continue today. It was a rewarding assignment for me.

The Boston Globe obituary makes clear that Bern was a man of great physical courage, great moral courage, and great ability. He was wounded during WWII serving as a Marine Corps combat correspondent reporting on a battle in the Marshall Island. And in civilian life he boldly challenged wrongs wherever he encountered them.

He was a highly accomplished journalist, serving overseas with several news organizations, including the Canadian Broadcasting Company, Westinghouse Broadcasting, and CBS News, where he became Paris Bureau Chief. He then served as Dean of the B.U. School of Communications for a number of years.

The world, and ESC, are poorer today for the loss of Bern Redmont.”

Read Bern’s full obituary in the Thursday, February 9, 2017 edition of the Boston Globe or online.

1 thought on “Remembering Bernard Redmont

  1. Dear ESC staff and volunteers,

    Thank you so much for this tribute to my beloved father, Bern Redmont. I remember well his years with ESC and how interesting and fulfilling the work was for him.

    I moved back to Boston four years ago and have had the pleasure of getting to know ESC directly by participating in some of your trainings in connection with my work as a Congregational Consultant for the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. I continue to be impressed with your good work.

    Again, my gratitude to you, and my very best wishes as you continue your important mission.

    Jane Redmont
    Boston, MA

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