What We’re Reading: February 2017

How to Make an Amazon Dash Button That Gives the ACLU $5 Every Time You See Something Terrible, Gizmodo

Maybe you have heard of (or have) an Amazon Dash, a device that allows you to reorder household items with the touch of a button. With some tech know-how and tinkering, the Amazon Dash can be put to a more meaningful use, allowing you to donate to the ACLU whenever the need arises.

Applying lean production to the public sector, McKinsey & Company
A leaner public sectorMcKinsey & Company

Although written for the public sector, nonprofits can get a lot out of these two articles from McKinsey’s Classics Series on how to deliver more for less.

Four Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Should Pay More Attention to LinkedIn Pages in 2017Nonprofit Tech for Good

Other social media platforms have more glitz and glam than LinkedIn – or so you think. With the site’s new redesign roll out, nonprofits have more control than ever over their portrayal to their connections.

Baby in a Box? Free Cardboard Bassinets Encourage Safe Sleeping, New York Times

A wonderful program in New Jersey with an aim to lower the rate of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). What social services organizations in your community could use this program?

6 Tips for Creating Engaging Email Newsletters, Nonprofit Hub

These are great guidelines to stick by if you are starting up email marketing at your nonprofit or want to do a rehaul of your current one.