Volunteer, Nonprofit Consultant – Highly Skilled and Professionally Accomplished

Would you like to use your hard-earned business or nonprofit leadership skills to give back in a meaningful way to the community you care about? Interested in being a part of a network of more than 175 trained consultants with deep experience and distinguished management careers? Empower Success Corps (ESC), a nonprofit organization, seeks seasoned […]

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Photo Courtesy of Seeding Labs

Seeding Labs

Articulating the vision, business planning and coaching to hire the right team led to exponential growth for a start-up on the cutting edge of global discovery. …
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Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust ESC NH Client

ESC Client: Ausbon Sargent Land Preservation Trust Staff in New London, NH

ESC and ESC Unite! To Better Serve New England’s Nonprofits

Executive Service Corps of Northern New England has united with Empower Success Corps of Boston. The new Empower Success Corps will increase efficiencies, expand services, and better serve the nonprofits that help our communities. Providing Expertise to Help Nonprofits Succeed The Empower Success Corps NNE Office, formerly ESC of NNE, provides services such as strategic […]

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Advisory on Overtime Rules

We would like to share an action alert from the National Council of Nonprofits’ recent newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter by visiting their home page and scrolling down to the bottom to enter your email address. Nonprofits need to speak up to help ensure that any future overtime regulations from the Labor Department reflect […]

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5 Steps to Make Your Board More Involved and Effective at Fundraising

This blog post originally appeared on the National Executive Service Corps (NESC) blog on nonprofit board fundraising. NESC and ESC are affiliates of ESC-US.  Great nonprofit boards don’t just focus on governance and strategy.  They recognize the connection between financial resources and program delivery, and therefore play a key role in fundraising. You are not alone if […]

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Are Your Board Meetings Time Traps?

This blog post originally appeared on the National Executive Service Corps (NESC) blog on nonprofit board meetings. NESC and ESC are affiliates of ESC-US.  Do people arrive late? Skip meetings? Do members come unprepared? Is precious meeting time spent on unproductive items? With board meetings at the center of most members’ nonprofit experience, efficient and […]

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Building Your Nonprofit Board

Board recruitment and renewal is a constant challenge for many nonprofits. It can be hard to find the right person, and too often Boards fall into one of two camps. They either: Hold out for the “perfect” candidate Take in anyone that expresses interest. Neither ends up advancing the mission or strengthening the nonprofit. The […]

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Is Twitter right for your organization?

Nonprofits have a variety of social media platforms at their disposal to aid them in advancing their mission and connecting with the community in which they serve. It is important, however, for nonprofits to pick and choose which platforms will work best for them and invest time and energy to develop strategies that will allow […]

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Combating Survey Fatigue

Surveys have been, historically, a great way to get information from a large group of people. However, as data driven decision making has grown in popularity, the number of surveys sent out to collect that data has skyrocketed, resulting in what has been termed “Survey Fatigue”. Survey Fatigue can result in lower response rates or […]

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Setting Nonprofit Board Term Limits

“I think we want to see new voices and new ideas emerge- that’s art of the reason why term limits are a really useful thing.” – Barack Obama The number one problem I see with nonprofit boards is a failure to have, or enforce, term limits. Good board members are hard to find, and feel […]

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