Meet the Consultants: Gabriele Loebbert

ESC Consultant Gabriele Loebbert’s favorite experience in nonprofit consulting is bringing missions to results. She has enjoyed her experiences in expanding client reach and facilitating organizational growth as a part of her consulting project teams.

“You have to capitalize on revenue-generating opportunities,” she said. “Growth is vital to expanding an organization’s reach and ability to exceed its constituencies needs.”

Gabriele is also a shining example of how for-profit experience can translate to exceptional nonprofit consulting skills. Having worked for American Express and Thompson Reuters Product Development and Marketing, she knows there is a great deal of work to do before you can sell a service or product. She applies this knowledge to each consulting project she works on, and she’s helped numerous organizations build stronger development processes as a result.

Gabriele is especially energized by consulting projects with a Strategic Planning focus, and she emphasizes the need for Outcomes Measurement in any work she does. She noted that ESC’s team structure makes a wealth of difference in consulting projects.

“We are 140 consultants with all different experience who are here to help and inform on any project we’re called to,” she said. “There’s always someone who can be called on for specific issues and areas of need.

Gabriele has an MBA and is an active nonprofit board member in her community.