Meet Our Consultants: Mike Stauff

For 13 years ESC Consultant Mike Stauff has been transforming his community as a volunteer consultant. Mike joined ESC in 2001 and has since worked tirelessly to give back to over 50 organizations in New England. In a 2007 Business Week article he described himself as,“an inner city kid who made good” and decided to “give something back. Mike understands the challenges facing Greater Boston and this perspective has allowed him to be successful in helping nonprofit organizations become more sustainable and effective in meeting the needs of their constituencies.

After looking at a number of volunteer opportunities Mike was drawn to ESC, where he could utilize years of experience gained from his career as a Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of a startup organization that grew to approximately $250 million, and as Senior Vice President and CFO for a public high tech corporation. He says he didn’t want to volunteer on a one-time basis, he wanted to use his talent and experience to help nonprofits become more sustainable in reaching the constituents they serve, particularly in the areas of nonprofit strategic management, finance, and board governance. He appreciates and enjoys that he is able to work with a variety of nonprofits, and be exposed to different missions and causes. Among Mike’s most memorable consulting engagements are organizations that focus on family services, charter schools, health care, and day care services for both children and adults.

When asked how ESC has changed since he began as a consultant more than a decade ago, Mike believes it has evolved to be more diverse and inclusive. He speaks to the diversity of consultants, not only in race and gender but in experience, backgrounds, and consulting fields. The depth and variety of expertise ESC consultants have has continuously widened and deepened. He also speaks to how ESC has become more comprehensive and sophisticated in its services. He see this as positive and mutually beneficial allowing consultants to gain a deeper understanding and become more involved in the mission of the organization, imparting sustainable work for nonprofits. One thing however has remained the same and that is the extraordinary commitment of ESC consultants to each organization they work with. All have a genuine desire to see every organization grow and thrive, making a positive difference in the community.

Mike currently serves on the Board at Julie’s Family Learning Program. He attended Northeastern University, Boston Ma., where he earned a B.S.B.A. as an Accounting major and a M.B.A.