Key Learnings from ESC’s Executive Forum on Social Media

On May 3rd,  ESC of New England brought together a panel of social media experts from small, medium, and large nonprofits to talk about how they have successfully used social media to advance organizational goals.

Moderated by ESC Consultant and marketing expert Gabe d’Annunzio, the three panelists provided sage wisdom for nonprofits of all sizes looking to improve their presence on social media.

1. As with all things, a plan without action is a waste but action without a plan is chaos.

“Social Media is not a panacea, it’s just a new tool. It still has to answer the questions of marketing.” – Stacy Thompson, LivableStreets Alliance


2. Smaller nonprofits should focus on only one-two social media channels in order to maximize effectiveness.

“Start by figuring out your audience. Then figure out your tool.” – Stacy Thompson, LivableStreets Alliance


3. Keep at it! Progress can seem slow at first, but consistency yields rewards.

“You can build up equity over time by continually caring for and feeding your social media channels.” – Josh Lake, AMC


4. Social media is not like traditional media. It’s not about your “reach” but about the interactions you create.

“It’s not about the follower count but the engagement levels.” – Meghan Buco, The Esplanade Association


5. Engaging your followers takes more effort than posting a few photos. Give them a reason to build a personal connection with what your organization stands for.

“Make your followers move from liking you to loving you to defending you.” – Gabe d’Annuzio, Consultant at ESC of New England


6. And don’t be afraid to try something new!

“Experiment with different content, assess and experiment again.” – Stacy Thompson, LivableStreets Alliance

ESC’s Executive Forum series fosters conversations about critical issues in the nonprofit sector. To learn more about what ESC can do for your organization, click here.