How to Use Social Media to Recruit Donors and Volunteer

With “bite-size” information and almost instant delivery, social media is becoming a key player in recruiting both volunteers and donors for nonprofits. Here are some tips to keep in mind when reaching out for support on social media.

Keep potential donors or volunteers informed

  • Share your news – Regularly update your followers on your accomplishments, events, and announcements
  • Education – Keep your audience educated about your cause
  • Events – Send event invitations via social media, but don’t forget to post pictures and updates during and after the event to show off your work and keep followers engaged

Recruit new donors or volunteers to your nonprofit

  • Share links to your opportunities – Post links and descriptions for opportunities for people to become involved
  • Talk about your industry – Let people know what is going on in your industry and how people are making a difference
  • Use statistics – Statistics are impressive and can send a powerful message
  • Try LinkedIn – Use the vast professional network on LinkedIn to post about your organization and connect with people who are interested in your cause