Free Microsoft Services for Nonprofits

Nonprofits large and small use some sort of platform for their email needs. Google’s Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Microsoft’s Office 365 are all viable options. Whichever platform you chose, you and others at your organization will use it for daily communications with volunteers, Board members, and those who benefit from your services. But at what cost?

For some nonprofits, it’s a large one. At ESC of New England, we found ourselves paying over $60 a month for our small staff to access Office 365’s services. This fee adds up over a year, not to mention the 5+ years we have been Microsoft customers.

That is why we are happy to share with you something that was news to us. Eligible nonprofit organizations can obtain access to Office 365 with all the bells and whistles – for free.

Microsoft announced this free service in 2013 and continues to offer it today, though without much fanfare. It was only in developing our soon to be utilized webinar capacity, which uses another Office 365 product, that we became aware of this wonderful option.

For $0 a month, eligible nonprofits can access Exchange (email), Skype for Business (video conferencing), and OneDrive (cloud storage). Other features are available at steep discounts ranging from $2 -$10 a user per month.

For smaller nonprofits, such as the ones that ESC of New England is proud to have assisted, this is a game changer. If you are currently using a free service, this option provides an upgrade in the security and quality of your organization’s communications. And if you are currently an Office 365 customer, a phone call with Microsoft support can save you from paying a monthly bill and that money can go right back into the programs and services you provide your community.

Learn more on Microsoft’s website and compare the offerings.

ESC of New England was not compensated in any way for this post nor are they affiliated with Microsoft beyond a customer relationship.