Use Storytelling to Report Nonprofit Outcomes

Nonprofit leaders may tend to associate storytelling with marketing efforts, but creating a narrative for your organization is equally helpful in outcomes measurement for nonprofits. ESC Consultant Barry Seltser breaks down what an organization’s story should include, and how nonprofit leaders can collect the necessary information to build an effective narrative for reporting outcomes. Whether you are […]

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Improve Outcomes Measurement with a Logic Model Ladder

  Every nonprofit management process needs tools to help organizations maximize their impact. Outcomes measurement is no exception. ESC Consultant Barry Seltser offers the idea of a Logic Model Ladder to help nonprofit leaders better organize their efforts during an outcomes measurement consulting project or everyday meeting. Outcomes are important to three main components of […]

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Setting Targets in Outcomes Measurement

Is outcomes measurement a struggle for your nonprofit organization? In ESC Consultant Barry Seltser’s workshop, “What Difference are You Making?: Developing and Measuring Outcomes,” attendees can improve on their knowledge of this important topic. In this workshop, attendees learn that a key step in outcomes measurement for nonprofit organizations is setting targets. By focusing on […]

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