Become an ESC consultant: FAQs

What qualities do you look for in an ESC consultant?

Our clients tell us that the most valuable qualities in our consultants include strong listening skills, the ability to “read” people, adaptability, resourcefulness, creativity, and the ability to think strategically.  In addition, they do well when they have an understanding of the nonprofit sector and are passionate about helping clients better serve the community

How do ESC consultants work with your nonprofit clients?

ESC consultants typically take on nonprofit assignments in teams of two to four. We designate a lead consultant to manage the client relationship, execute the work plan, and oversee team responsibilities. The role of individual team members varies based on their expertise and the goals of the assignment, but often include interviewing, listening, facilitating, problem solving, and knowledge sharing.

What can I expect from ESC?

Your experience at ESC will give you opportunities for personal and professional growth, the opportunity to make valuable connections with nonprofits and peers, and the satisfaction of contributing to nonprofit causes.

How much time can I expect to commit as an ESC volunteer consultant?

The time you spend will vary based on the type of project and stage of progress, as well as the number of projects you choose to work on at one time. Once you’re assigned to a project, it’s expected you’ll see it through to completion.

How are projects assigned?

ESC will work carefully to place you on project assignments that match your experience, interests, availability, and geography. New consultants who are getting up to speed are usually assigned to teams with more experienced ESC consultants. We’ll typically add to your responsibilities gradually as you gain experience on projects and through training ESC provides.

What can ESC expect from me? 

When you become a consultant, you should expect to feel committed to the nonprofits you are working with and to ESC.  We also hope you will be willing to share your professional and personal experiences with clients and staff.